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Yochanan Gordon: The Nature of Criticism

It is far easier to pacify two children who are at odds with each other than two adults. The rationale boils down to an essential distinction between children and...

Yochanan Gordon: Finding Moshe Rabbeinu’s Burial Place

“Vayikbor oso bagay, b’eretz Moav, mul Beis Pe’or, v’lo yada ish es kevuraso ad ha’yom ha’zeh — And he buried him in a valley, in the Moabite region, adjacent to...

Yochanan Gordon: The Purpose of It All

Sukkos and Shemini Atzeres represent the final leg in a journey towards a new level of G-d consciousness that began with the onset of the month of Elul. In...

Yochanan Gordon: Divorce As Prelude to Marriage

  By Yochanan Gordon Many people have written in this publication and others that COVID-19 has rocked many marriages. Maybe it was the time spent together that was usually spent apart,...

Yochanan Gordon: Take and Pass

  From just about every vantage point, Tishrei is an involved month. It is a marathon month of almost back-to-back holidays. And while we leave this month recharged spiritually for...

Yochanan Gordon: All The King’s Men

  Previously I wrote a column titled “The Mask in My Pocket” in which I laid out the importance of entering the days of awe as part of the congregation...

Yochanan Gordon: The Mask in My Pocket

  Over the last couple of weeks I have written about teshuvah and our overall preparation for the Yomim Nora’im in the context of song. It occurred to me that,...

Yochanan Gordon: Turning Elul On Its Head

  With the month of Elul upon us, the countdown to the high holidays begins. Having addressed teshuvah through the metaphor of song in last week’s issue, I wanted to...

Yochanan Gordon: Teshuvah as a Song

  Music has always been an important part of my life. I grew up an avid Avraham Fried fan; the type that would sit for an hour straight and listen...

Yochanan Gordon: Nothing to Write About

  If I had to classify myself socially, I’d say that I am reserved in general but extremely expressive about the things I am passionate about. So when I was...
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