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Yochanan Gordon: Following History’s Curve

  There has been a lot of talk about curves these days. The COVID curve has more or less flattened around here, but certain other curves are meant to be...

Yochanan Gordon: Comfort Within the Chaos

I have often been puzzled by the notation in Chumashim when we’ve reached the midway point in verses, words, letters, and so forth. This is so significant that there...

Yochanan Gordon: Kol Korehs and Excommunications

  The current kashrus debate is very much on people’s minds and in their conversations these days. It seems to be a highly contentious issue, conjuring deep emotion and excitement...

Yochanan Gordon: Honestly Speaking

  I’ve been writing articles weekly for about half a year after writing on and off over the past 15 years or so. There are a number of things that...

Yochanan Gordon: Ellent In Ellenville

I was looking for an attractive alliteration with which to title this article. There’s a relatively old movie called Sleepless in Seattle, which kept coming to mind when seeking...

Yochanan Gordon: Gimmel Tammuz Message for All

  Having celebrated the bar mitzvah of our oldest son, Nison, last week I was intending to write my own personal spin on the traditional blessing made by the father...

Yochanan Gordon: The Bar Mitzvah That Was

  Last week, I wrote about the date on which the bar mitzvah of our son, Nison, was initially scheduled to be celebrated, but which had to be rescheduled due...

Yochanan Gordon: The Bar Mitzvah That Wasn’t

    The bar mitzvah of our oldest son, Nison, was supposed to take place on June 4. It was scheduled a number of months ago at the Lawrence Country Club,...

Yochanan Gordon: Acquaintances in Quarantine

  This is not an admission. I haven’t made the acquaintance of any new people in quarantine these past three months. If I did, I wouldn’t be believed on the...

Yochanan Gordon: Antibodies and Kabbolas HaTorah

  If we have caught ourselves thinking about illness and the various treatment options available over the last few months, it is because much of our lives these days has...
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