Nefesh is a different, innovative, and wonderful high school for girls in Brooklyn. Girls at Nefesh come from similar homes and backgrounds to most of those in Bais Yaakov schools throughout the New York area. They are looking for something different and they find it at Nefesh.

Like most of their counterpart girls’ high schools, Nefesh has uniforms. But at Nefesh, the uniform sweater comes in a variety of styles and colors–just like the girls. “K’sheim she’partzufayhem shonos, kein de’osayhem shonos.” Perhaps Chazal are teaching us that Hashem created every person to look different, to remind us that we are all different. Every person is a unique blend of her individual talents, interests, challenges, character traits, dreams, thoughts, experiences, and so much more, which Hashem bestowed upon us. Nefesh appreciates each girl, with her particular style and color, but uniform in the desire to be successful students and people who bring nachas to Hashem.

Come to Nefesh some summer evenings, and you will see an amazing sight. Nefesh students and staff have gotten together to paint and design a brand new student lounge! Teachers have given of their time, during their summer vacation, to spend evenings with their students in a productive and enjoyable endeavor. Nefesh students are happy to come to school during their vacation to do something good for school which will benefit them also, while having a good time with friends and teachers.

“Kosher fun” is an important part of the Nefesh jargon. School in Nefesh means quality learning, first-class education, and acquiring the skills, tools, and values of life. Extracurricular at Nefesh means valuable, hands-on, authentic Yiddishkeit and “kosher fun”–like painting the room purple. Certainly, when the girls are done with it, the room will be beautiful, inviting, and well-used. They also have a ping-pong table and other amenities.

Nefesh seems to understand that teenagers feel good about themselves when they are accomplishing, that they benefit greatly from having close connections to positive role models and mentors, and they flourish when they know that people genuinely care. They like to socialize and need to be in a good environment, all year round. Nefesh provides it. And quite obviously, Nefesh gets it. Ï–


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