Mohamed Abbas, the president of the Palestinian authority, has a history of saying one thing in Arabic to his supporters and yet another oftentimes contradictory things to his American audience.

He has oft stated in Arabic that, “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine since, without it, there would be no solution” and “in a final resolution we would not see the presence of a single Israeli – civilian or soldier on our lands.” Abbas bestowed an honorary “order of merit” to Muhammad Hamza, a terrorist who, according Abbas’ own newspaper, planned suicide bombings.

It should come as no surprise that a former Hamas spokesman said that Abbas uses “words which are meant to trick the Americans.”

Protesters outside will be calling attention to Abbas’s duplicity. They will demand that his conciliatory words in English, calling for peaceful coexistence with the Jews, be transmitted to his constituents in Arabic, so that they and the rest of the world can determine what Abbas truly stands for.

A Rally will be held today, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd

Place:  Northeast corner of Third Avenue and Seventh Street… Across from Cooper Union

Time: 6:45pm

Email contact:


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