In the wake of the murder on Tuesday of Evyatar Borovsky, a 31-year-old father of five, by a Palestinian terrorist at the Tapuach Junction in Shomron, Fatah posted pictures of the terrorist and the victim on its Facebook page describing the terrorist as “the hero, the released prisoner, Salam.”

Salam Al-Zaghal, a resident of Tulkarem, had arrived at the junction armed with a knife and stabbed Borovsky several times in the chest as he was waiting at a hitchhiking stop. He then grabbed Borovsky’s handgun and opened fire at a nearby Border Police patrol. He was eventually subdued and taken into custody. Media reports stated that he had been released from an Israeli prison less than six months ago, where he served a three-year sentence for throwing rocks.

Palestinian Media Watch highlighted text and photos that had accompanied the posts on Fatah’s Facebook page. The page administrator wrote next to one of the photos, “Peace upon you, on the day of your birth, on the day of your arrest, and on the day you will go free,”

On Tuesday morning, Rabbi Chaim Goldberg was on his way to work at Kdumim where he serves as rosh yeshivah at a local high school. He related that as he approached the Tapuach Junction he noticed there was mayhem. “I saw three young women jump into the street. I then heard shots fired. I noticed a person who was lying on the ground get up with a gun in his hand. I slowed down and ducked so he wouldn’t see me. I then called the emergency center to notify them about the incident. I now understand that the terrorist nabbed the gun from the Jew he murdered and I was the first target he saw.” Several bullets hit his vehicle.

The IDF checkpoint at the Tapuach Junction was removed a few months ago on order of former Minister of Defense Ehud Barak.

A spokesman for Yitzhar, where Evyatar Borovsky lived, stated that the cause of the attack was the abandonment of security and weakness towards Arab terrorism which is dictated by the high ranks.

Coalition Chairman Mk Yariv Levin declared that this attack was the Arab response to reports of progress made on the Arab League peace initiative by John Kerry. “I call on the IDF to reinstate the checkpoints which were removed and to shut down the Tapuach Junction to all Palestinian traffic.” (Tazpit News Agency) v

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