(JNS.org) Palestinian stone-throwing attacks on Jews in eastern Jerusalem have
become a daily occurrence and have recently escalated to include Molotov cocktails,
Israel Hayom reported.

A Palestinian boy throws a stone at Israel’s security fence. Credit: Justin McIntosh.

Israel Defense Forces Maj. Gen. Kobi Dudian of the
Jerusalem District Police told the Knesset’s Internal Affairs and Environment
Committee on Wednesday that 207 stone-throwing perpetrators have been arrested
in eastern Jerusalem in 2013, the majority of whom were minors, and that only
47 of them were detained, pending the conclusion of the legal proceedings
against them.

Dudian noted that the number of cases involving stone and
firebomb throwing has spiked by dozens of percentage points since Israel
conducted Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza last November. But he noted that
in recent weeks, the number of firebomb incidents has steadily declined, attributing
that to the arrest of several terror cells that orchestrated the violent

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Source: JNS.org


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