(JNS.org) A Palestinian terrorist killed a 31-year-old resident of Yitzhar on
Tuesday morning at the Tapuach Junction in Samaria, Israel Hayom reported. The victim, father of five Evyatar
Borovsky, was the first Israeli to be killed in a terror attack in Judea and
Samaria since 2011.

The scene of Tuesday’s terror attack in Tapuach Junction. Credit: Judea and Samaria Rescue Services.

A preliminary investigation of the incident suggested that the
terrorist, Salam Za’al, a resident of Tulkarem, arrived at the
junction armed with a knife. He stabbed the victim, who was waiting at a
hitchhiking stop, several times in the chest, and grabbed his handgun. He then
opened fire at a nearby Border Police patrol and subsequently tried to flee,
but the police officers returned fire and subdued him.

A Border Police spokesman said Za’al had run into a
roadblock, preventing him from causing more damage with the stolen gun.He sustained moderate
wounds in the exchange of fire.

According to media reports, Za’al had
been released from an Israeli prison, where he served a three-year sentence for
throwing rocks, less than six months ago. His brother, who is currently jailed
in the Palestinian Authority, faced trial on Sunday for allegedly cooperating
with Israel. Speculation has been raised that Za’al may have committed the
attack in order to restore his family’s honor.

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Source: JNS.org

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