(JNS.org) The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday announced the recent arrest of two Palestinians from the city of el-Bireh near Ramallah, one for the stabbing of 9-year-old Israeli girl Noam Glick in October and another for being complicit in that attack, Israel Hayom reported.

One of the suspects, Abdullah Abu Kabita, 22, told Shin Bet investigators that he broke into the Psagot settlement in order to steal a weapon. He said he needed the firearm because of a personal conflict. A few days before the stabbing of Glick, Abu Kabita and suspect Shebel Atef Shibli Karan, 19, had cut the fence around Glick’s home and loitered near the home. Spotting an oncoming vehicle, the two fled Psagot back in the direction of their homes.

On Oct. 5, Abu Kabita traveled alone back to Psagot, following his path and entering through the same hole in the chain-link fence. Encountering Glick, he stabbed her in the shoulder and fled back in the direction of Ramallah.

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Source: JNS.org


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