Since the early hours of Monday morning, hundreds of Palestinian cars have‎ been driving to Israeli gas stations because the stations in their‎ own towns no longer have any fuel.

Tazpit News Agency has learned that the cities of Ramallah, Shchem, and‎ Hebron are dry of gas because they have neglected to pay their bills‎ to fuel companies. As a result, Palestinian Arabs have been‎ flocking to Israeli owned gas stations to fill up. Fuel can apparently still be found in Jenin and Jericho.

There were long lines in front of stations in the Israeli towns of Kdumim, Karney Shomron, and Kiryat Arba. Many came with cans to fill‎ and take back with them. Eventually traffic became so jammed that the‎ IDF had to get involved to manage the flow.

Incidentally, the PA also owes close to 1 billion NIS to the Israeli national electric company. The Israeli government is still searching for creative solutions to enable the PA to pay their debts.‎

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Source: The Algemeiner


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