By Larry Gordon

It’s nice to get out there amongst the people and just encounter those who used to be strangers and who are avid and regular readers of this paper.  I have to say that I am continuously take a back and even amazed by the length and breadth of the reach of the 5 Towns Jewish Times and the very serious and personal way in which people internalize and absorb the subject matter that we cover here week after week.

For example being at Moti Katz’s Simchas Pesach extravaganza over the just completed yom tov afforded me the opportunity to hear what people think or are saying about what they like or perhaps do not like about what appears here on a weekly basis.  Actually having written the previous sentence it now occurs to me that I cannot recall anyone mentioning anything they did not like about the paper.  Maybe it’s just that good or perhaps they were just too polite to say anything along those lines.

The chief sentiment expressed is that a week is not complete for the people I came in contact with if they do not go into Shabbos with a copy of the 5TJT in their possession.  And while I have certainly heard that a lot of over a rather long period of time now, I’m still not sure what the appropriate reaction or response is.

I find that most often my automatic response is a mundane—Im glad to hear that and I certainly am.  Another reaction or response is that that was the intent and the design from the very beginning, that readers should be so taken or enamored or interested in what we offer here so that they are conditioned not to not to be able to do without it.  And I’m pleased that to a great extent we have accomplished that.  While frankly I have believed that to be the case for a while, getting out there and being out there for the eight days of yom tov demonstrated the validity of that reality.

Surprisingly there were a good amount of comments that were made especially over the first days of yom tov about a column that appeared here about a year ago immediately after Pesach.  It was—as you might recall–about a rather difficult experience (without going into detail) at a rather difficult Pesach program we attended last year.

So, I was thinking, that in all fairness if I was able to recount almost blow by blow of a rather painful and mismanaged Pesach program then I should certainly be willing and able to recount this years experience which was thankfully a complete turnaround of what we had previously experienced.

So here it is.  We just spent a very enjoyable and quite satiating yom Tov with Moti Katz and his staff at the Melville Hilton in Suffolk County, Long island.  Food service was excellently provided by one of the leaders in the field—Chap A Nosh–led by Moshe Plaut, Avi Krasnow and Bentsi Sobel and company.

We sat near our good old friends–Fran and Bobby Marx of Queens and their children Gila and Menachem Marx of here in the 5 Towns.  Yes, their table was longer than ours but only slightly so for most of the yom tov.  I told them that I would figure out a way to incorporate them into the next Heard In The Bagel Store and they reluctantly consented.  They have a beautiful family and were joined over yom tov at times by Yehuda Green and Hanoch Teller, both who added to the great spirit of the chag.  More in this weeks 5TJT.


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