What if today’s media told the Passover story?

That’s the question being answered in “Passover: Breaking News,” a new 2-minute parody by Aish.com that uses 21st century news websites to tell the Passover story: CNN announces that “the Jewish lobby is orchestrating the plagues,” in People magazine Pharaoh’s cardiologist warns of his “hardening heart,” and God releases the Ten Commandment as a talk on Ted.com 

“With Passover coming up, this film is a fun way to tell the Passover story in a language that everyone can enjoy,” says Rabbi Shraga Simmons, senior editor of Aish.com.

The film is online at: www.aish.com/breakingnews
Aish.com has a long string of viral videos, starting in 2011 with “Google Exodus,” which reached 3 million viewers online and was featured on NBC’s Today Show and at a number of Jewish film festivals. The Hebrew version placed second on Israel’s list of top Internet videos of the year.

“Passover: Breaking News” is filled with many layers of subtleties and surprises. The plague of darkness interrupts the biggest sporting event of the year.  As the Jews travel forth from Egypt, Bloomberg News reports record-high bookings for “Red Sea Getaways.”

“Telling the Exodus story through the various lenses of today’s most popular websites brings Passover to life for the modern generation.” says Simmons.

“Passover: Breaking News” is also available in Hebrew at www.aish.co.il.

Aish.com is a leading Jewish website, with millions of monthly visits and 400,000 email subscribers. Aish.com is a division of Aish HaTorah, the Jerusalem-based educational center with branches in dozens of cities on five continents.


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