Reading and writing are basic skills that most of us take for granted. Yet not everyone has these skills. Children with language-based learning disabilities may be highly intelligent, but even when trying their hardest in school suffer embarrassing moments and failing grades, along with comments from teachers that they “need to show some effort.” Academic disappointment exacts a heavy price on the emotional and social well-being of a child. Left untreated, language-based learning disabilities can have a devastating impact on a youngster’s educational and social future.

With abundant siyatta d’Shmaya, a new school recently opened in Brooklyn for children of the Orthodox Jewish community challenged with dyslexia, auditory processing difficulties, and other language-based differences. Located in Flatbush, The Pathway Study Center, Inc. offers a reconstructive approach to learning, using current, research-based techniques. Multisensory methods, including the Orton-Gillingham approach, provide a stimulating and rewarding educational process. One-on-one tutorials complement an innovative curriculum based on sound principles. As students discover extensive abilities for achievement, they become partners in their own growth. Character and interpersonal associations flourish, fostering feelings of confidence and security. Having developed their potential, students can then successfully return to their mainstream schools of origin.

Beloved special-education master teacher Ms. Rachel Antebi, M.S., Ed., Sp/Gen, heads a specially trained staff of devoted, caring, and experienced professionals. Acclaimed kriah specialist, Miss Sorah Milworm, supervises Judaic studies. By providing skills essential for learning, The Pathway Study Center, Inc. implants a love for Yiddishkeit in the hearts and minds of young students. Our sacred mesorah comes alive as a rich and vibrant experience.

Recognizing the need for a program such as this, a broad spectrum of leading rabbanim and mechanchim has warmly endorsed Pathway. B’derech Yisroel Saba, classes are separate for boys and girls.

Far too many children struggle with learning-based difficulties, jeopardizing their success in school and beyond. By helping students overcome this challenge, The Pathway Study Center, Inc. hasn’t just opened another school; it has opened a pathway to a promising future.

The Pathway Study Center, Inc. is located at 3300 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, New York 11234. For more information, please call Mr. Yitzchok Milworm, executive director, at 718-887-6030 or e-mail v


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