In today’s difficult economy, many people are looking for jobs, and they often say things like, “I’ve sent out tons of résumés but no one even calls back,” or, “Everyone tells me I’m too old!” or, “I don’t have the right skills,” or, “There aren’t any jobs!” Some people would like to look for a job but don’t know where to begin. There’s an endless supply of frustrating responses and confusing advice that leave many feeling that finding a job is like winning the lottery. They think, “It happens to some lucky people, but it probably won’t happen to me.”

The truth is that even in the current difficult economy, jobs are being filled every day. The problem is that job hunters don’t know what methods actually work or even what kind of job is worth looking for in the first place. “How can I decide what job or career is right for me, and then how do I get that job?” is a question that might be asked by young people entering the world of work or by experienced workers who want or need to make a change. The answer is Pathways to Parnassa.

Pathways to Parnassa is a new organization opening to serve the Five Towns-Far Rockaway Jewish community after the coming holidays. Founder and director Rabbi Mordechai Kruger will be offering coaching to clients at all stages of the career-choice and job-hunt process, both to individuals and groups. The underlying principle is that every person has a unique talent and personality and can find the kind of work which will utilize those talents in a satisfying and successful way. Pathways to Parnassa will reach out to young people, displaced workers, and career changers with a research-based approach that is practical, hopeful, and energizing. The Pathways team will also be assisting with interview skills, networking, and entrepreneurship.

Pathways to Parnassa will be offering this guidance to every member of our community, regardless of ability to pay. Pathways will be seeking the community’s support in providing this vital service.

Pathways to Parnassa will be opening an office in the Five Towns area. Potential clients and supporters can contact Rabbi Kruger at 917-200-7199 or at


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