The Young Israel of Pelham Parkway was founded in 1939 by a group of families dedicated to principles of mishpachah, mesorah, and kehillah–family, tradition, and community. It has served the East Bronx Jewish community for 75 years through its loyalty to those ideals.
At Young Israel, they have always been devoted to their families, especially children. Current president Charles Landsberg was once the director of youth programming. Today, they offer Shabbat morning youth groups and holiday-related programming throughout the year. They are in the process of renovating the children’s room and are always looking for new opportunities to support families.
For nearly half a century, the shul family turned to Rabbi Schulem Rubin, zt’l, for religious leadership and advice. Today, they are led by Rabbi Shmuel Zuckerman, a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago and Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim (the Rabbinical Seminary of America). In addition to helping them grow in devotion to Judaism, Rabbi Zuckerman serves as chaplain at Calvary Hospital and is tireless in his outreach to the local community.
Four years ago, the shul made a renewed commitment to the health and growth of the local Jewish community. They moved into a beautiful new space and combined forces with the Pelham Parkway Jewish Center. Together, they have reinvested in the future of Jewish Pelham Parkway, helping new families move to the area and expanding the lineup of regular programing. Today, they continue to take steps to build a bright future for the community.
In celebration of these values, the annual dinner, to be held on Sunday, October 26 in Pelham Parkway, will also be a gala 75th birthday party. All families and community members from the last 75 years are invited to join, both in person and by sharing stories of your affiliation with the Young Israel or the Jewish Center. Reconnect and help honor the values of family, tradition, and community through history and into the future.
For more information on moving to Pelham Parkway, please write to You can also visit or call the office at 718-824-9000. To make dinner reservations, place an ad, or share your personal Young Israel/Jewish Center story, please write to High Holiday tickets are still available! Please call the office to purchase your seat. v


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