Israeli President Shimon Peres touted the success of sanctions implemented against Iran, as a method to stunt the country’s nuclear weapons program, in a meeting Wednesday with a delegation of  38 visiting senior Democratic congressmen and women from the United States.

“The election results in Iran prove that the sanctions are effective and that the Iranian people want change,” said Peres, referring to the recent electoral victory of Hassan Rouhani, labeled a relative moderate by some. “The Iranian people are not our enemies and we are not theirs,” he told the US delegation, affirming that it is the Iranian regime that Israel opposes.

Peres also voiced his gratitude for US support of the peace process currently underway.

“I greatly appreciate the efforts of Secretary Kerry who, with the support of President Obama, worked long hours to move the peace process forward. We thank them for their commitment which brought about the resumption of talks. The first step is crucial to reach the final stage. Israel strives for peace and is trying to bring about a solution to the conflict. It will be a contribution to the entire Middle East,” he told the US delegation.

On Tuesday, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu also met with the congressional delegation and urged a continuation of “pressure” on the Iranian regime.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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