IsraelDefense 22/10/2013

President Peres reviewed the IAF’s most innovative technologies as part of
the visit and also toured an expo of UAVs. President Peres discussed the IAF’s hidden capabilities, and said that “not all of the strength of the IDF and the IAF is visible to the naked eye, and those who doubt us and seek to harm us should take this into account. I am proud of the soldiers and the
commanders of the corps, and of the IDF in its entirety. The IAF is the best
air force in the world, and it possesses systems unique to it alone. The IAF
is equipped with the best in technological innovation, and most importantly,
it possesses a dedicated and qualitative human capital. It is never
satisfied with what exists, and always looks towards the future and its
challenges — a corps with a burdensome responsibility which displays
tactical and strategic results every day.”

Chief of Staff Gantz said that “Israel currently faces many challenges at a
variety of ranges, including in the sky. We are in a state of constant
readiness, 365 days in a year, to face any challenge, and can deliver an
intelligence, operational and tactical response against any threat. The IAF
is the central system for deterrence, firm action and defense with
fantastical technological capabilities as is required from such a highly
qualified system. Israel has very good reasons to be proud of its air

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Source: Israpundit


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