Perfect Matches - GameBoardBy Rochelle Maruch Miller
It’s the hottest Chanukah gift on the market–an interactive Jewish dating game so riveting, you can play it for hours on end. Unique in concept, Perfect Matches is no ordinary game; it takes you on a veritable journey of self-awareness, helping you discover who you really are, what you really need, and who your bashert may be. Whether you are single, engaged, or married, regardless of whether you met at a simcha or were set up by mutual friends or a shadchan, enjoy a date night playing Perfect Matches.
Endorsed by rabbanim as well as professional shadchanim, Perfect Matches facilitates the process of finding your bashert by asking and answering the right questions. The game comprises 500 pretested questions in three levels of relationships, as well as a small folding game board in a discreet black box, perfect for taking anywhere inconspicuously. The questions are often funny, and at times somewhat shocking, but they always target the goal of eliciting honest discussions and opinions on topics that are an integral part of relationships. Secular topics alternate with Jewish topics. Consider the following questions:
“How long do you wait between meat/fleishig/b’sari and milk/milchig/chalavi?”
“What would you do if you had to entertain a five-year-old for a day?”
“How would you feel about a wife earning a higher salary than her husband?”
“How many parking tickets do you have and how long does it take you to pay them?”
Included in Perfect Matches is an extra packet for the previously married.
Two years in the making, the game has been generating an unprecedented response throughout the Orthodox community since its recent launch.
“Do you want to know if you’ve found your bashert? Play Perfect Matches and be certain. You can only win by playing the game,” say Rabbi David and Debbie Greenblatt, senior lecturers for the Gateways organization and creators of Relationships Seminars for Singles. Rabbi Eytan and Aviva Feiner, rav and rebbetzin of Congregation Kneseth Israel (the White Shul), in Far Rockaway, have also tested and endorse the game. Created by the Smile Workshop, LLC, Perfect Matches is engaging (no pun intended!) and entertaining. It can be played before or during a date, or at an event. That it is topping many an adult’s Chanukah wish list is not surprising; Perfect Matches can be played with anyone–spouse, chassan/kallah, date, parents, adult children, friends–making it the perfect gift for any occasion or to make any day special.
But Perfect Matches is so much more than a great game, which is why it was designed with meticulous attention to the formulation of each question. “People are getting engaged so quickly, without really taking the time to ask and answer the right questions and getting to know each other before getting engaged,” Perfect Matches’ creator told the 5TJT. “Engagements are being broken, and issues arise in a marriage as a result of couples making hasty lifetime commitments without really knowing one another. Speaking to many couples throughout the past two years, as well as making observations about everyday occurrences, I developed 500 relevant questions that gauge each player’s response to specific situations. These questions have been tested and retested.”
And the response has been overwhelming! In addition to the orders placed by individuals across the nation, yeshivas and shadchanim are placing multiple orders for Perfect Matches, advising their talmidim who are in shidduchim and dating couples to play it on their dates. “Last week I received a call from a shadchan at about 1 o’clock in the afternoon,” says the company. “The shadchan stated, ‘I have three couples going out this evening; how soon can you deliver three games?’” Despite the deluge of orders, the Smile Workshop is delivering all of them.
Leah R. is a self-proclaimed “amateur shadchan” who, despite her hectic schedule as a wife, mother, and successful attorney, considers setting up family, friends, and acquaintances to be of paramount importance. “I was blown away by the concept of Perfect Matches,” Leah says. “I only set up people I know and who I feel are compatible, but Perfect Matches truly raises the bar in dating. Every question is spot-on and categorized according to different levels of a dating couple’s relationship. They give you insight into your partner’s character, and reveal his or her true feelings and opinions, telling you how they would react to a wide variety of situations. It’s easy to be on your best behavior and impress when you are on a date, when you’re ‘walking the walk and talking the talk’ for a few hours. That’s why playing Perfect Matches should be an integral part of the dating process for every couple in shidduchim. These are the questions that should and must be asked to determine whether your date will be the right spouse for you and whether he or she shares your values, hopes, and dreams. I recommend it highly.”
“I just started dating after Sukkos and I haven’t had much experience in asking the ‘right’ kind of questions,” says Miriam, who spent last year studying in a seminary in Israel. “Last week, the boy who I went out with brought along Perfect Matches. What a great idea! Instead of struggling for conversation and making inconsequential small talk, we played for hours and learned so much about each other. We will be going out again this week–and bringing Perfect Matches along with us!”
Perfect Matches can be purchased at Five Towns Judaica, Eichler’s, and Play it today–and may we share in many simchas!


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