By Ted Belman

Francisco Gil-White unmasks the Jewish leadership in How the mainstream Jewish leadership failed the Jewish people in World War II. This chapter deals with the failure of such leaders as Reform Rabbi Stephen Wise as opposed to the valiant efforts of Peter Bergson among others to avert or lessen the holocaust.

As a specific example of this failure, he posted the entire book called Perfidy by Ben Hecht. Hecht according to Wikipedia was a very prolific and prominent screenwriter in the first half of the 20th Century. In addition,

      He became an active


       shortly before the


       began in Germany, and as a result wrote articles and plays about the plight of European Jews, such as,

We Will Never Die

       in 1943 and

A Flag is Born

     in 1946

Hecht attended the trial of Michiel Greenwald in 1953 in Israel. He was charged by the Government of Israel with slandering one Dr Rudolf Kastner by writing that he collaborated with the Nazis and contributing to the death of 400,000 Hungarian Jews in WWII when Kastner served as a major leader of the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee in Hungary. One wonders why the Government of Israel brought the lawsuit rather than Kastner.

Hecht’s account of the trial is riveting. What started as an open and shut case for the government ended up in a decision that vindicated Greenwald and condemned Kastner along with the Jewish Agency.

Greenwald was murdered before the appeal could be heard.

I urge you to read this fascinating account.

This book discloses that “failure” is too kind a word for the activities of Kastner and the Jewish Agency. Perfidious is more apt.

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