Imagine cruising along the scenic Danube River, through historic Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava, on the elegant Amadeus Rhapsody Riverboat. But unlike other travel adventures, this exclusive cruise is entirely Kosher l’Pesach.

Kosher Expeditions has teamed up with the mighty Amadeus fleet to bring you a unique and exclusive Pesach journey (with only 70 cabins available for 140 guests) along the beautiful Danube. Experience outstanding comfort and quality accompanied by perfect, elegant service. Discover an unforgettable river cruise on one of the most scenic European waterways–with all the comforts of a floating hotel.

This fascinating 10-day voyage takes you along one of the most breathtaking stretches of the Danube, in the heart of the once-brilliant imperial and royal Austro-Hungarian monarchy. From Vienna, the cruise travels downstream to Budapest, the “Queen of the Danube.” You will pass through three European countries–Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia–as well as the picturesque Wachau Valley district of Austria–steeped in thousands of years of rich European history. We have now even added a special private evening classical concert at Vienna’s famous Palais Auersperg just for Kosher Expeditions guests!

The all-inclusive Pesach program includes delicious glatt kosher l’Pesach cuisine under strict supervision, memorable Seders, and an onboard synagogue with daily minyanim. Additionally, it provides local touring and exploring of the area’s unique history and Jewish heritage, as well as on-board Kosher Expeditions historians, lecturers, and educators, who bring each and every region to life.

Experience an unforgettable Pesach Seder on the river. Whether you have your own private family table, or join a communal Seder with the rabbi, this is one that you’ll never forget. Enjoy meaningful programming with spectacular views and delicious glatt kosher l’Pesach cuisine.

For over 16 years, Kosher Expeditions’ unique and exclusive activity-oriented Passover experiences have allowed you the opportunity to travel, explore and tour! No more sitting in a large hotel for days on end, waiting for the holidays to end. Picture yourself waking each morning, eager to explore a new European city or town filled with Jewish history and heritage–while also enjoying an unforgettable Pesach experience on the river.

For more information, contact David Lawrence/Kosher Expeditions at 800-923-2645 or 310-237-0122 or e-mail or visit v


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