The idea has caught on! People are realizing that taking a home for Pesach in Orlando is the way to go. Last year there were 20,000-30,000 people in Orlando, and this year will be the same if not more as it’s another four-day chol hamoed which makes Orlando the destination of choice for so many families.

Welcome to PFR! Pesach Family Reunion in Orlando’s No. 1 resort. “Reunion Resort” has upgraded the Orlando Home Program concept, making it the premier home program in Orlando. So what separates PFR from the rest? For starters, if you visit, you will see they have well over 100 homes to choose from. All homes have 30 or so pictures of the rooms, pools, and all the amenities. There are homes at all price ranges starting at $4,500. Another item that sets PFR apart is “The Mansions.” No need to go into detail here — you must see them on their site to begin to understand. Even then, the pictures don’t do justice in trying to capture the elegance and beauty of these 10,000 to 14,000 square foot “Palatial Pesach Palaces.”

Another major point is that PFR just built a brand new catering commissary down the road from Reunion Resort. This not only makes for fresher food, but it also helps alleviate logistical highway nightmares that you’ve all heard about.

PFR has assembled an amazing team with years upon years of Pesach and travel experience. Names like Avrumi Flam, Josh Post, Ari Flores, Jeff Tokayer, are all known for their organization, care, and ethical dealings with all their clients.

So go to PFR this yom tov and enjoy an Orlando “Magical” Pesach experience!


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