By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

The following composition is a humorous review of Pesach halachos that can be used by teachers from 4th grade and up, can be used at the Pesach Seder meal to engage the children, or can be used by anyone.

Pesach is a favorite Yom Tovsederplate of mine..

At the Seder we drink four cups of____.

Now that’s only if a person can,

But it applies to every educable child, woman, and _________.

There is another law about the wine that we shouldn’t hide,

And that is when we drink it we should lean on our left _____.

If you forgot to lean on cups number one or two..

You’ve  got to drink them again to be a good ______.

To show our freedom and to adore it,

The cups of wine – try to get someone else to _________.

You can’t drink them all immediately one after another..

This is true for all kids, the father, and the _______.

The cup should hold many ounces — three point three..

This is an important halacha, you ____.

On Shabbos, though, for Kiddush its more..

On that first cup you’ll need more than four point ______.

There’s another Mitzvah that many people abhor

And that is the requirement to eat ____.

It’s to remind us of our difficult chayim

When we experienced those dark days in _____________.

Some people use horseradish which is also called chrain

Others use a type of lettuce called ____________.

When you use the lettuce you must really search and detect..

You got to look out for any ____________.

Even with the Romaine the Mitzvah is no cinch..

You’ve got to eat an amount of eight by ten ________.

And the amount for real horseradish — This shiur you beg?

You must consume about one half of an ______.

If you find this amount absurd,

Than of an egg-size of it – try to consume one ______.

But the Mitzvah with which you should spend most of your tayim

Is the Mitzvah of sippur yetzias ________________.

You should include all the details both happy and gory..

As you tell the children this very important ____________.

Pharaoh lost and the Yidden did win

So it is with Kiddush that we will _________.

So aside from fulfilling the Mitzvah of Kiddush, it is only right..

To also have in mind to fulfill all the Mitzvos throughout the _______.

Just remember when you bring the cup to your lip,

You should drink more than half in one _____.

Next we do urchatz,

To provoke questions from the little _____.

But don’t get too excited,

Because no blessing is _______.

We bring the water to the Haggadah reader,

We treat him royally because he is the _____________.

Then comes less than a kzayis of the karpas  we eat and dip

So as not to make a bracha achrona, we just have a _______.

If you ate more than that amount

Don’t worry, for a bracha achrona it still won’t _______.

In Yachatz we break the Matzah in the middle.

For kids finding that Afikomen will be a _______.

The Afikomen should be a kezayis preferable two..

And it should be the bigger half that’s what he go to _____.

In Maggid have in mind to fulfill,

The Mitzvah of Sippur Yetzias Mitrayim a Torah Mitzvah we have ______.

This is not something that we should be mindlessly praying,

It is so important to understand what you’re _______.

During the ten plagues we spill out wine in ten drops

For the loss of Egyptian life when Hashem pulled out all the _____.

In Maggid at a minimum we must mention

Pesach, Matzah and Maror — they all need our ________.

Then comes Rachtza where we wash with a blessing..

When it comes to Matzah, with those brachos there is no _______.

For “HaMotzi Lechem ” we pick up all three matzos with the broken one in between..

But for “Al Achilas Matzah” that bottom Matzah is not  to be _______.

We’ve got eight minutes for those two k’zaisim to eat

With Matzah so dry — that’s quite a _______.

If we had just Maror alone we’d get halitoses

Maybe that’s why we add a little ____________.

So that the bitterness will have true meaning

We eat the Maror without any ____________.

The blessing of Borei Pri HaAdamah we also don’t make

We said it the Karpas — make no _____________.

For Koraich, Hillel’s opinion, not to ignore

we wrap the Matzah around the__________

That marror in Charoses we dip it – that’s right

The words Zaicher l’mikdash k’hillel we  re______

Shulchan Oraich, is the meal that is hosted,

But we shouldn’t eat meat or chicken that is ________.

Start with that Seder plate egg we must recall,

To remember the Korban Chagigah and _______.

Don’t forget to leave room, later that night

For the Afikomen for which we must save our ____________.

So that our freedom will have deep meaning,

We eat that Afikomen on our left side while __________.

To eat two kzaisim — that would be swell,

Representing the Korban Pesach and the Korban Chagiga as _______.

Don’t forget that it is proper and right

To eat that Afikomen before half of the _______

Prior to Yom Tov we must look up and note

The exact time of midnight — Chaa_____.

It would also be a terrible omen

If we were to eat anything after __________.

Benching is the next thing that is up,

But beforehand clean and rinse that third _______!

After we drink that third cup we fill up one more

Then we say Shfoch Chamascha as we open the _____.

We did not finish praising and being mispallel

Because now we must go ahead and finish up _____.

However, we still must note

That we should finish up hallel by _________.

This seder, as you see was not so long,

And we end it with Nirtzah which is praise and _______!

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