Pink Floyd member Roger Waters. Credit: Eddie Berman via Wikimedia Commons.

( An op-ed appearing in L’Osservatore
–the Vatican’s
semi-official newspaper–slammed the use of
anti-Semitic imagery by former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters at a concert in
Belgium early last month. The op-ed, however, did not mention Waters by name.

Pink Floyd member Roger Waters. Credit: Eddie Berman via Wikimedia Commons.

spirit and the style of the Werchter Rock festival was visible, with the fans
who had every right to listen to music that they enjoy. But did they also have
the right to draw the Star of David on the back of a pig and not be reported?” wrote
Christina Dobner, the author of the op-ed.

continue to talk about the respect for every religion and every human being,
yet we keep falling into these shameful situations,” she wrote.

the concert, Waters featured a giant pig-shaped balloon emblazoned with a Star
of David. The pig-shaped balloon has been used in Pink Floyd concerts for
decades as part of performances of songs from their album, “The Wall.”

who has been a vocal supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement,
has garnered widespread criticism for his concert display.

this disgusting display Roger Waters has made it crystal clear. Forget Israel,
never mind ‘limited boycotts promoting Middle East Peace.’ Waters is an open
hater of Jews,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal
Center, told The Algemeiner.

an open letter on his Facebook page, Waters rejected Cooper’s criticism and
denied that he is an anti-Semite.

it or not, the Star of David represents Israel and its policies and is
legitimately subject to any and all forms of non-violent protest. To peacefully
protest against Israel’s racist domestic and foreign policies is NOT
ANTI-SEMITIC,” Waters wrote.

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