z9The entire Long Beach community was spiritually uplifted by the visit of Rabbi Mordechai Leifer, the Pittsburgher Rebbe, on Shabbos Parashas Vayeitzei. The Rebbe currently resides in Ashdod, Israel. He is a descendent of Reb Mordechai of Nadvorna and the immediate heir of his saintly father Reb Avrohom Abba Leifer, ob’m, who established a magnificent Torah center consisting of several mosdos in Kiryat Pittsburgh in Israel.

The Rebbe and his entire entourage, consisting of over 100 chassidim and friends of Mosdos Pittsburgh spent November 8th and 9th in the community. The Rebbe davened and conducted his tischen both Friday night and Shabbos afternoon at the Young Israel of Long Beach.

This visit, which has become a biannual tradition, is especially significant to the mara d’asra of the community, Rabbi Chaim Wakslak, Rav of the Young Israel. Rabbi Wakslak grew up in Newark, New Jersey, where the Rebbe’s father established a beis midrash in 1950, prior to his move to Pittsburgh. Rabbi Wakslak was extremely close to the previous Rebbe and attributes much of his rabbinic vision and outlook to that very strong source of influence.

A reception and opportunity for private consultation took place on Motzaei Shabbos at the home of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Wakslak. v


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