By Rochelle Maruch Miller

That savvy travelers have made Plan-It Israel their one-stop source of choice for an unforgettable Israel travel experience that is absolutely devoid of stress is not surprising. Unique in concept, Plan-It Israel affords tourists and visitors a plethora of services to facilitate and enhance their stay, including meals, accommodations, luxury cars, rentals, and special-event planning.

The company was founded by Yossy Landau, an ambitious American currently residing in Israel. “Even while I was still learning in yeshiva, I would always be approached by friends and family members who were planning a trip to Israel,” Yossy explains. “Regardless of their reason for visiting Israel; whether it was for a family vacation, a simcha, to visit a child spending their post-high school year studying in yeshiva, I would be the source for information regarding where to go and where to stay. I realized that every individual who sought my guidance felt challenged by the many details involved in planning the perfect vacation abroad.”

After finding his bashert, Yossy decided to take his expertise to the next level. Blessed with a keen business acumen, he realized that there existed a growing need for a high quality customized service that would orchestrate the Israel travel experience to perfection, according to the specifications of clients. Thus was Plan-It Israel founded.

Providing unparalleled personal service, Plan-It Israel works closely with every client to create a custom travel experience. The business has evolved into a well-developed company, chosen by clients on account of its signature service integrity, its exemplary features, and the core values which inspire its work. It is proud to provide clients with the highest level of service at competitive prices.

Plan-It Israel’s dedicated staff consists of consummate professionals, every one of whom is committed to making your visit to Israel a dream come true–creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Immediately upon receipt of confirmation of your trip, the staff will begin working, with meticulous attention to every detail, to ensure a seamless, stress-free, and highly enjoyable stay in Israel. They will book a highly experienced and reputable driver who is well-versed in Israel’s history and geography. Upon request, a luxury car will be provided. Ensuring the comfort of every client is a top priority of Plan-It Israel; to that end, you will be accommodated in a luxury apartment with amenities, or, upon request, hotel accommodations will be provided.

Plan-It Israel affords clients the opportunity to customize their travel plans with delicious and satisfying Shabbos and daily meals–an excellent option for maintaining optimum health even while on the go. “We take care of you from the moment you land in Israel,” says Mr. Landau. “Every detail of your trip is customized to your specific needs and our highly professional and courteous staff is firmly committed to providing you with our signature service throughout your entire stay in Israel. We provide VIP service and have a huge database of hotels, and deal with the best hotels in the country. We are an American-based company. We understand your needs because we are you!”

From meals and accommodations to rentals, unlimited phone plans to advanced trips around the country to luxury transportation, Plan-It Israel considers every detail of your trip, planning it as if you were a member of their family. They specialize in planning according to every client’s needs and requests.

And if you are planning a simcha in Israel, Plan-It Israel will masterfully plan a beautiful and elegant event, finding the perfect hall, hiring a world-class caterer, and arranging for the photographer, band, and flowers upon request. Plan-It Israel specializes in bar mitzvah trips; they are the definitive source! With Plan-It Israel at the helm, you are assured of an extraordinary special event. Just relax, leave the details and the planning to them and enjoy your simcha. May you be zocheh to a lifetime of nachas from your children.

“The most rewarding aspect of my business,” says Mr. Landau, “is receiving an e-mail from a client expressing their appreciation for a beautiful simcha: ‘Thank you so much. We couldn’t have done it without you.’ or for planning a highly memorable vacation: ‘Words cannot adequately express our appreciation to you and your wonderful staff for planning our amazing vacation in Israel.”

You are invited to experience the Plan-It Israel difference and begin planning your amazing Israel travel experience today. v


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