Photo of Valley Stream plane crash. Posted by Eli Langer on Twitter

A small plane crashed into the front lawn of a home in Valley Stream on Saturday night, with the only injury being a sprained finger. Officials say the crash occurred on Clarendon Drive in Valley Stream around 10:15 p.m. Sunday.

Nassau County Fifth Squad police in Valley Stream said 27-year-old Dongil Kim of Queens rented a small Cessna aircraft from Danny Waizman Flight School and Aircraft Rental in Farmingdale to take two passengers to the Niagara Falls area. The passengers, 29-year-old Hongjoo Na and 26-year-old Jumwoo Jung, who listed their addresses as Flushing, were returning to the area. The pilot attempted to land at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, but missed the runway four times. The plane was redirected to JFK Airport, where it missed the runway twice. The plane was reportedly low on fuel.

The plane then nicked the rooftop of Revival Outreach Ministries International, located at 215 Hillside Avenue, before becoming entangled in power lines at 113 Clarendon Drive.

WABC News reported that there were no injuries on the ground, and there is no structural damage to any houses. PSEG repaired the power pole and restored power to a dozen homes that had been affected.

The FAA released a statement:

“A Cessna 172 aircraft crashed into some power lines in a residential neighborhood approximately two mile northeast of John F. Kennedy International Airport in Valley Stream, NY at 10:19 p.m. Three people were on board. Contact local authorities for passenger information and medical conditions. The FAA will investigate.” 


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