By Stephen Plaut

1.  For the past few weeks, Israel’s military establishment and some its politicians have been telling the world that Bashar Assad and his junta have already used poison gas against civilians in Syria. For example, Yuval Steinetz issued such a report a month ago ( ).  This matters because of, among other reasons, the fact that the Obama team has been saying that any use of poison gas was the ultimate “red line” for US and for allied intervention in Syria. 

This past week, the US State Department was denouncing Israel for issuing false tendentious disinformation about the use of poison gas against Syrian civilians.   Those Israelis were simply trying to drum up escalation and war. 

Then this morning it was announced that both the US Department of Defense and the British government concede that there is evidence that the Assad regime has indeed used poison gas (sarin) against civilians.  Sarin is what the Japanese communist terrorists (from the Aum Shinrikyo group)used in the Tokyo metro system in 1995. 

Incidentally, Aum Shinrikyo is also known as Aleph (really — see   You know, the same name as the pro-terror anti-Semitic chat list that continues to operate under the auspices of the University of Haifa (  Coincident? 


2.  The Grand Persecute Avigdor Lieberman Vaudeville Show is now underway in Jerusalem court, and the “case” of the leftist Prosecutor against Lieberman is falling apart as we speak.  It is collapsing so quickly that it is more amusing than watching the comedy channel on cable.


    Just to remind you of what it is about:  The Left and its captive Attorney General at first decided to go after Lieberman and make a case of “financial corruption” against him.  As part of its investigation, it send an inquiry to Belarus, where Lieberman had some financial interests.  Word reached the Israeli Ambassador in Latvia, Ze’ev Ben Aryeh, and he passed a note to Lieberman telling him that questions were being sent to the Belarus authorities about Lieberman’s finances.


    Much later, Ben Ari’s term was up and he was appointed by Lieberman to a new diplomatic post, Ambassador to Latvia, one considerably less prestigious than Belarus because Latvia is a much smaller country.  The Left alleges that this was payback to Ben …read more
Source: Israpundit


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