(JNS.org) The Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) ambassador to Tehran, Salah al-Zawawi, said that Israel’s annihilation has just begun.

The flag of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. 

The flag of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

“The US and the western countries have created a fake regime in Palestine to get rid of it and have supplied it with the most advanced weapons and are seeking to create an Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates,” Zawawi told a pro-Palestinian gathering in Tehran on Tuesday, Iran’s semi-official news agency Fars reported.

“Israel’s annihilation has begun and the new generation in Iran will certainly witness our victory over Israel,” Zawawi added.

The PLO is widely viewed by most of the international community as the official representatives of the Palestinian people.  Led by Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who also serves as Palestinian Authority president, the PLO has full diplomatic relations with 112 countries, including the United States.

On Monday, the Hamas representative to Iran, Khaled al-Qadoumi, also addressed a similar pro-Palestinian gathering, saying that the he hopes “to make our missiles more advanced with the help of the knowledgeable Iranians.”

“One of the reasons for accepting the truce by Hamas was enabling us to reopen ways for transferring the injured Palestinians and achieving our other goals,” al-Qadoumi added without elaborating on what those other goals are.

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