Bomb-making equipment and weapons were today found hidden in a garage used by suspected Islamic terrorists in Paris.

Overnight raids by police in the eastern suburb of Torcy uncovered the explosives and guns in a four storey building close to the French capital’s Disneyland.

Armed officers could today be seen surrounding the building, as residents were evacuated.

It follows eleven men being arrested and one being shot dead during an anti-terrorism swoop across France at the weekend.

Former Portsmouth Football Club footballer turned Islamic radical Yann Nsaku, 19, was among those arrested in the southern seaside resort of Cannes, while 33-year-old Jeremy Sidney was gunned down in the eastern city of Strasbourg.

Search: French policemen speak with a driver during the raid in the Parisian suburb of Torcy

Two men were arrested in Paris, including gunman Jeremy Sidney, 33, who was returning from a mosque with .22 calibre rifle on Saturday.

Now a search of a garage used by Sidney and another man has uncovered the cache, which is thought to have supplied a raid on a Jewish shop on September 19th.

A grenade was thrown into the kosher food delicatessen, injuring one person and causing a huge amount of damage.

Following the find, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said: ‘We are clearly and objectively confronted with an extremely dangerous terrorist cell’, and that everything needed to be done ‘to prevent the risk of a terrorist attack in France.’

He confirmed that ‘elements used in the manufacture of explosives’ were found, including potassium nitrate and sulphur, along with guns

Police fear that the explosives found today could have been used to launch even bigger raids in Paris, which is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

Detectives say the principal aim of the armed cell was to start a ‘war across France’, and to see a wholly Muslim state established.

Most were converts to Islam, having learnt about the religion while spending time in French prisons for a wide range of offences.

Police say that many of the young men arrested had made wills, and carried a list of Jewish groups they were targeting.

All the men arrested were said to be linked to a Salafist group which was committed to waging a jihad – or holy war – across Europe.

It follows Mohammed Merah, a 23-year-old French Algerian with similar Salafism connections, shooting seven people, including four Jews, dead in the Toulouse area in March.

At least three policemen were injured in Saturday’s Strasboug raid, while others received direct hits to their bullet proof jackets and helmets.

Police have been on heightened alert since the attacks by Merah, who was himself finally shot dead by police.

A Paris police spokesman said that the 11 suspects had now been held for the statutory 96 hours, but this would be extended because of the arms and explosives find.


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