70% of Israeli Arabs do not accept Israel’s right to have a Jewish majority, a new poll conducted by Haifa University and the Israel Democracy Institute has revealed.

The poll, which posed questions to 1,400 Jewish and Arab Israelis over a ten-year period, revealed that, despite the overwhelming rejection of Israel’s Jewish character, 55% of Arab Israelis would prefer to live there than anywhere else, though a large majority, 68%, say they fear being transferred out of the country.

An increasingly radical Arab population was one of the revelations of the poll. About 58% of the Arab citizens of Israel say that Palestinian Arabs would be justified in starting an intifada if the diplomatic process fails.

70% of Israeli Arabs believe that the government of Israel discriminates against them and likewise advocate for an intifada if their situation does not improve.

75% of Jewish respondents believe that Arabs deserve equal rights as a minority in the country, 69% blame the Arabs for prolonging the conflict between the two peoples, and a large majority,  78%, believe that the country must maintain a Jewish majority.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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