At the HANC senior boys’ shabbaton
At the HANC senior boys’ shabbaton
At the HANC senior boys’ shabbaton

By Rachel Canter, Freshman

On Tuesday, February 25, “POP” came to HANC. Also known as the Power of Prayer, this exciting symposium on tefillah gave all High School students the opportunity to learn about and reflect upon tefillah. Students had the privilege to hear from several speakers and alumni, and to participate in interactive workshops created by a committee of faculty and students.

The morning started with each student completing a survey. The survey, created by HANC students, allowed everyone to reflect on how they see davening and decide how they want to improve their prayer. After submitting their surveys, students were then divided into groups and the program commenced.

Girls enjoyed a meeting with Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein, and boys with Mr. Jeff Weinberg, to make connections between tefillah and our relationship with G‑d. Mr. Charlie Harary, an incredibly dynamic speaker, spoke to the school about why we daven. Presenters Mrs. Amit Yaghoobi, Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, and HANC’s very own Rabbi Yakov Sadigh conducted an inspirational question-and-answer session with grades 9 and 10. Juniors and seniors participated in a panel of alumni which included HANC Middle School Principal Rabbi Elliot Hecht, Rabbi Sam Rudansky, and Rabbi Jeremy Ginsberg, who answered questions about davening. Students also enjoyed a special treat of doughnuts and Powerade while they watched an inspirational trigger-film and wrote their own special tefillot. Each student also received a #POP@HANC wristband.

For the conclusion of the program, all High School students gathered to watch a spectacular video created by senior Alex Sachs, which highlighted personal stories from HANC students and faculty about davening, and an excellent performance by the HANC High School Boys Chorus, led by Rabbi Aaron Friedler. Each student continued their day inspired and excited from the program.

The success of this program was made possible due to the generosity of HANC parents Odette and James Fellus, Syma and Jerry Levine, Suzy and Farshid Liviem, and Rena and David Maryles. v


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