LIPA — Regrettably, power has not been restored to Sutton Park, Lawrence Bay Park and Back of Lawrence. In addition, many pockets and clusters of homes within areas that otherwise have power, remain inexplicably dark. Our focus continues to be on ensuring complete restoration and we have been told that the entire Village should be up and running by end of day Wednesday. Regrettably, we cannot vouchsafe these assurances. Accordingly, we continue to work with LIPA, government officials and the media to focus attention on the intolerable hardships endured by our residents.


Security — We continue to maintain high levels of private security. In addition, we have received assurances from Nassau County Chief of Police, Steven Skrynecki, that there will be a massive increase in police presence this evening including the National Guard. Again, this is purely a prophylactic measure. There has been no crime reported in the Village during the period of the outage.


Sanitation — Sanitation pick-ups are arranged by the independent Sanitary District #1. They assure us that pick up will continue as usual. Complaints should be reported to District #1 directly at 239-5600 with a copy to Village Hall at


Traffic Controls — In the absence of power and the inability of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to provide personnel to man intersections, the Village will use its own personnel or volunteers to help direct traffic to the extent possible. Finally, we have been promised portable traffic lights and light towers and expect that delivery will begin this evening and continue through tomorrow.


Shelters — OEM’s attempt to establish a kosher shelter in West Hempstead has not been successful. Accordingly, given the weather forecast, coupled with continued lack of power, we are attempting to ensure the safety of residents who do not have alternative housing. In that regard, we have asked the various synagogues and churches to reach out to their memberships so that we can identify those individuals and make appropriate arrangements.


FEMA — We are working with Carolyn McCarthy’s office to establish a FEMA presence in the Village.


Nor’easter — A storm with winds in excess of 35 mph and gusts of up to 70 mph is expected sometime tomorrow morning. In order to minimize flooding, we have been cleaning and vacuuming all storm drain catch basins throughout the Village. If you believe that your catch basins require further attention, please contact Village Hall.


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