Rabbi Goldstein, who was wounded in the shooting at his synagogue in Poway, California. Photo: Chabad.org

By Yochanan Gordon

At his Chabad House in Poway, California, the last day of Pesach, Rabbi Yisrael Goldstein lost his finger in a terrorist attack that took the life of congregant Lori Gilbert Kaye.

Rabbi Goldstein has viewed the miracle of his salvation as a message from God that he is on borrowed time, charged with the mission of changing the world. So when he was invited by Israel’s UN ambassador Danny Dannon to address the topic of antisemitism at this year’s UN General Assembly meeting, he immediately obliged.

But what message would he impart to the world? In a video clip that has made its rounds on WhatsApp, Rabbi Goldstein tells of a visit he paid to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to the Chabad House headed by Rabbi Mendel Alperowitz. Rabbi Alperowitz, who is somewhat of a Chabad archivist in addition to being a shaliach, told Rabbi Goldstein that in 1987 the Lubvitcher Rebbe wrote a speech for the General Assembly. Rabbi Alperowitz told Rabbi Goldstein that it was an opportunity for him to give the speech that was written and not delivered.

On Wednesday June 26 2019, just a week and a half before the Rebbe’s 25th yartzheit, he will deliver that speech to the world.


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