Hundreds of Thousands of Jews around the World Will Unite in Prayer before New Year

Special prayer event with Chief Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto shlit”a at the sacred burial site of his legendary grandfather Rabbi Chaim Pinto Hagadol in Agadir, Essaouira.

With the New Year upon us, Hagaon Harav Yoshiyahu Pinto shlit”a will be traveling with his students to the burial site of his venerable grandfather in Essaouria, Morocco, where he will host a special prayer event. The gathering is scheduled for Thursday evening, Erev Rosh Hashanah, 4 p.m. French time (5 p.m. Israeli time) and will include the recitation of Tikkun Hanefesh and Tikkun Haparnassah.

The prayer event will be broadcast live around the world on dozens of channels and social media, enabling hundreds of thousands of Jews to recite this auspicious prayer simultaneously with a focus on an upcoming year of prosperity and success.














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