sderotBy Larry Gordon

People are going about their normal everyday business today in Sderot, says Yossi Baumol, Director of the Yeshiva of Sderot.  “We hear occasional booms in the background but that is mostly our planes hitting areas and terrorist strongholds in Gaza,” he says.

The Yeshiva is Sderot is about a mile from the border with Gaza.  Baumol explains that there are large open fields between the Yeshiva property and the Gaza border and today that is where troops, tanks and armored vehicles are gathering as they prepare to send ground forces into the Strip and hopefully deal the terror merchants there a devastating and deadly blow.

As Hamas and Islamic Jihad have perfected the technological abilities of their rockets over the years more and more of the rockets are flying over Sderot as they are aimed at larger population centers like Ashkelon,  Ashdod and Beer Sheva.  “The bigger missiles like the Grad fly over us and are aimed at places like Kiryat Milachi and Bet Shemesh,” Baumol says.  Sderot gets hit by the Kassams, those are the toy store variety missiles that are for the most part homemade in people’s kitchens and backyard’s but that does not mean that they are any less deadly.

In Bet Shemesh, our columnist Shmuel Katz and his family experienced several incoming missile warning sirens last night.  They spent the night near their concrete reinforced “safe room” in their Bet Shemesh home.  As you will read in his column in this week’s paper, Shmuel and his wife Goldie were at a Bar Mitzva Monday night in Bet Shemesh when an alarm sounded during the Bar Mitzva boys speech.  Shmuel says the guests were in the shul basement and really didn’t hear it but that the waiters rushed outside to see what was going on.

More later. 


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