Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat: “On behalf of the residents of Jerusalem, I send my deep condolences to the families of the two policemen who were murdered this morning while protecting the lives of Jerusalem residents.
This is an especially egregious attack whose purpose is to incite and fan the flames on the Temple Mount. Anyone who thinks that there is anything to be achieved through terror at a holy place of worship is bitterly deluded. On the contrary- we will pursue and and exact a price from anyone involved in murderous terror. We will not surrender. We will continue to live our lives and to build and strengthen Jerusalem.
We must also reexamine the security deployment and the security status quo on the Temple Mount. I send strength to the Jerusalem district police officers and the Border Patrol defense officers who risk their lives to defend the capital of the State of Israel every hour of every day. Thanks to their sacrifice, we are able to fully live our lives. I wish a speedy and full recovery to the injured.”


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