(JNS.org) Some members of the American Jewish community are criticizing a reality
show which premiered in June on the
network, “Princesses: Long Island,” for perpetuating negative Jewish stereotypes.
The show focuses on several wealthy Jewish women in their 20s.

“Most offensive to me is the further perpetuation of the old ‘Jewish
American Princess’ stereotype,” said Rabbi Marci Bellows of Temple B’nai Torah
in Wantagh, NY, referencing the stereotype that Jewish women are spoiled and
only concerned with marrying a wealthy husband.

“Jewish women can be strong, independent, and wise–a fact missing from
this terrible show,” Bellows said, according to the Religion News Service.

“What gets… emphasized is certainly not representative
of some general set of characteristics about this population,” said Robert
Thompson, a professor at Syracuse University.

But cast member Ashley White shot back at criticisms of
the show.

“People get so offended!” White said.

“I’m like, ‘Bring it.’ I’m Jewish, I’m American, and I’m
a princess,” she said.

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Source: JNS.org


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