On Sunday night, April 3, an elaborate Parenting Expo was presented by Priority‑1 in Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel, educating parents in understanding and addressing the challenges our children face. Three simultaneous workshops were given by therapists and educators in three time slots, allowing the attendees to receive an array of knowledge on numerous topics. Presenters included: Rabbi Shaya Cohen, founder of Priority‑1; Dov Finkelstein, LMSW; Rabbi Reuven Kamin, program coordinator of P’tach at Yeshiva Chaim Berlin; Rabbi Yehuda Mandel, LMSW; Dr. Yosef Posy, Psy.D.; and Barry Wilansky, M.A., CASAC.

These workshops gave valuable insights into understanding the challenges that our children face today, in order to adequately deal with them. The need for understanding and appreciating these challenges is just as important as the need for strategies in dealing with them. Additionally, there were workshops given by professionals in their fields on specific topics, including identifying and dealing with addictions, educating our children properly in sexual awareness before others do, and creating a harmonious marriage as the first step in helping our children. There was a tremendously positive vibe after the workshops as parents truly appreciated the insights that they had received.

After some light refreshments, the participants went on to the keynote sessions given by Dr. David Pelcovitz and Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff. Dr. Pelcovitz spoke eloquently, in his usual entertaining manner, providing insights and depth into the balance of parenting. He spoke about the number-one factor, proven in a study amongst Jews and non-Jews alike, that will result in children following in the steps of their parents–and that is a warm relationship. He then went on to describe the results that will come forth from a child’s awareness that his parents truly respect and believe in his/her abilities and the gargantuan difference that this can have on a child’s performance. However, he went on to say, the balance that is necessary are the guidelines and structure that our children so desire in order to feel that sense of security in the world that we live in.

Rabbi Lieff then spoke about the need for realizing the greatness in our children and the potential that they have to grow in Torah and mitzvos in today’s world of so many yeshivos and opportunities for success. He spoke about the importance of having such parenting expos because of the need that we have to constantly reassess our techniques in dealing with our children. Each year there are new challenges that we must deal with, and we must view it as though we are dealing with a new generation.

The response to the event was outstanding as many of the participants voiced their appreciation that the frum community has so many respected professionals who are major assets in assisting parents in our unique community. Appreciation was also expressed for Priority‑1 and Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel, for putting together such a valuable event.

To host an expo like this in your community, please call 516-295-5700, ext. 104 or e-mail info@priority‑1.org. Additionally, many parenting resources can be found at priority‑1.org.


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