Bud Shawel receives an award

Priority-1 would like to thank the community for the incredible outpouring of support at the Priority-1 31st anniversary dinner. With more than 300 attendees, the event was an astounding success and highlighted the incredible role that Priority-1 and Yeshiva Zichron Aryeh have in the community.

Avraham Burger receives an award

“In all my years of giving time, money, and energy to the yeshiva, I have always felt that I have gained exponentially more than I gave,” said Avraham Burger, guest of honor.

Young Leadership Award recipient Bud Shawel related his 14-year journey of growth with the yeshiva, starting as a young man in Dallas, Texas, getting into his car and driving to New York to join Yeshivas Zichron Aryeh, to now smoking brisket as a community leader in preparation for the shiur he hosts every week. He gave a passionate plea to all attendees to reach out to someone with whom they’ve had a positive learning experience in the past to begin a daily seder for 10–20 minutes. Speaking from personal experience, he guaranteed that the infusion of Torah learning would enhance their lives significantly.

Meir Nitekman receives an award

Meir Nitekman, the recipient of the Alumnus of the Year award, shared his perspective on accepting the role of fundraiser for Priority-1. “Hakaras ha’tov is something one should share publicly,” Meir said. “I view being honored and helping to fundraise as a small way of giving back for the incredible amount that the yeshiva has done for me over the previous 20+ years. The Chofetz Chaim says that the purpose of life is not to become the greatest person; it is to become the greatest you can become. That is the mission of Priority-1, to bring out the individual greatness of each person.”

Set in a massive tent on the yeshiva campus and catered by Sharmel Caterers, the dinner featured a short program followed by an inspiring kumzits led by Yehuda Green.

All attendees received an advance copy of Rabbi Shaya Cohen’s new book, Raising Amazing Children: A Torah Approach to Parenting.” To receive your own copy, please e-mail info@priority-1.org or call 516-295-5700, ext. 108.


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