x3The first week of school at Torah Academy got off to a great start. Following a delicious lunch at Carlos and Gabby’s, the students were addressed by the rosh ha’yeshiva, Rabbi Shaya Cohen. Rabbi Cohen spoke about the tremendous opportunity that HaKadosh Baruch Hu has given us that we are able to wipe our slate clean each year, right all of our wrongs, and get a fresh new start. Rabbi Cohen tried to dispel the overwhelming feelings of fear that we are often faced with at this time of year that can become counterproductive and inhibit our ability to approach teshuvah in a meaningful way. Instead, he explained, Hashem, our Father in heaven, gave us this time of year entirely for our benefit. It is a time to make small strides that put us back on the right path that will lead us to a brighter and more productive future. The message was well received by the students, and served as a good orientation for the general mission of the school, which is to encourage healthy and balanced growth at a pace that is sustainable for our youth in these difficult times. v


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