Israel Discount Bank in New York, covered with red paint by pro-Hamas demonstrators on July 25, 2014. Photo: @aaronrobinow / Twitter.

Protesters supporting Hamas in Gaza defaced the New York branch of the Israeli Discount Bank, on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, in front of the New York Public Library, by splattering red paint on its windows on Friday afternoon. The pro-Hamas demonstrators called it a “die-in,” according to the New York Observer.

One employee recalled what happened to the Observer: “Basically around lunch time there was a big group of people. I couldn’t see much because I saw only out of window because we weren’t allowed to go outside. They were with flags basically screaming about the bank funding terrorists and some other nonsense.”

“They made a scene with paint,” the employee said. “It was like someone was shot — there was all red paint on the window which was washed afterwards. So obviously, it was not a safe environment as we were not allowed to go out side and afterwards we were told we better leave work by 3:30 because they are going to come back.”

The employee said police came to break up the demonstration of about 30 people who then crossed the street to the library. While most were allowed to depart, New York City police did arrest several people at the scene.

An 2:30 PM, bank management sent an e-mail to employees telling them to finish the day by 3:30PM because of expectations of further violence and that police were on guard over the weekend.

The Observer said the bank took down its IDB yellow flag to draw less attention over the weekend.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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