It’s not every day that an organization manages to garner three million followers, but United with Israel (UWI), the world’s largest grassroots pro-Israel community, is poised to accomplished exactly that. It is on the verge of reaching a significant milestone with three million Israel supporters and counting.

Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and an ardent supporter of Israel, will officially become number 3,000,000, and will mark this momentous occasion while attending UWI’s “Three Million Strong” celebration on February 18 at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem.

The landmark celebration is to be broadcast to millions of people around the world via live streaming broadcast.

United with Israel has received endorsements from the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as the ministries of foreign affairs and public diplomacy. This includes a message from the Prime Minister’s Office praising UWI for “improving the State of Israel’s image around the world.”

In 2012, Prime Minister Netanyahu wrote that he was “honored on being the one millionth fan” of United with Israel.

United with Israel is a global, grassroots movement of individuals deeply committed to the success and prosperity of Israel. Using social media and Web technology, UWI has built a massive network of pro-Israel activists in order to promote unity with the people, country, and land of Israel.

Founder Michael Gerbitz remarked, “It is truly amazing that at a time when governments around the world are united in their condemnation of the State of Israel, we’ve been able to connect with millions of people–many in some of the most anti-Semitic countries–who are proud to stand united with Israel.”

He explained that the “exponential impact of social-media-powered outreach is dramatic when our community of three million supporters gives us access to half a billion people. This is exactly what’s needed to win Israel’s battle of public opinion throughout the world.”

United with Israel has turned its millions of Facebook likes and e-mail subscribers into facts on the ground. UWI’s massive community of Israel supporters, spanning more than one hundred countries around the world, is responsible for numerous projects that benefit the people of Israel. To date, UWI has installed 17 portable bomb shelters to protect Israeli citizens living under fire.

Recently, UWI donated a large bomb shelter benefiting thousands of schoolchildren in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon. During Operation Protective Edge, when Israeli civilians were stuck in bomb shelters as Hamas indiscriminately fired thousands of rockets at Israeli towns and cities, UWI supporters made a huge impact by providing food packages for families who were either unable or unwilling to leave the shelters to shop for necessities. Recognizing the great need to provide relief from the incessant sirens and rocket attacks in southern Israel, UWI sponsored buses to transport the residents–particularly children and the elderly–to other areas of the country.

United with Israel’s community members are strong supporters of the Israel Defense Forces. UWI has organized events around Jewish holidays for IDF soldiers stationed far from home. Thousands of Israeli soldiers have received much-needed supplies thanks to UWI’s fundraising efforts.

While United with Israel is a unique organization that has achieved much success in a short time, the milestone of reaching three million supporters is only the beginning. “We are still in the startup phase,” says UWI executive director David Zeit, “with dozens of innovative projects waiting to happen.”

As United with Israel tackles more challenges and continues its vital work of promoting Israel around the world, the paramount task of “growing the world’s largest pro-Israel community from the millions into the billions is UWI’s roadmap for the future,” says Zeit. “And we believe that the future is now.”


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