First Lady Michelle Obama performed stunningly on Tuesday evening at the Democratic National Convention that got underway in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The news media’s reaction to the presentation was that it was incredible, even sensational.  And I agree, however with a number of reservations about her speech and the overall proceedings.

Many of the remarks on the first night of the convention were filled with contradictory messages as well as confusion.  One wouldn’t know that from the raucous applause and hooting almost every catch phrase evoked from the Obama for President cheering section that lines the arena.

The Democrats got off to a bad start yesterday with changes in their platform statement that was presented with two glaring omissions.  One was the excision of the mention of G-d in parts of the platform where it was mentioned in previous years.  And the other is the removal of any mention of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.  While the US does a great deal of backtracking on this issue in particular we need to bear in mind that it is a law passed by Congress that the US recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

Prior to Mrs. Obama we were privileged to hear from one of the rising starts of the Democratic Party, the 37-year-old Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Julian Castro.  Castro’s job was to both tell his story as the product of a poor immigrant family that lifted themselves up to not only lift themselves up but to also accomplish great things.  He’s obviously a successful young man with a great future ahead of himself.

Mr. Castro left me curious and even puzzled as he repeatedly paid tribute to the efforts and sacrifices of his grandmother and mother who worked hard and struggled to help advance the professional lives of their two sons.   I listened intently but was struck by his omission of any mention of a grandfather or father.  Wait a second—how did these two men Julian and his twin brother Wakeem, a candidate for Congress—happen to get into this world? No grandfather? No father?  I don’t think that’s possible.

And them Michelle dazzled with some well-prepared and presented oration that was received with a rousing ovation.  But the speech—her shining moment—contained glaring contradictions.  First and foremost is that it doesn’t seem that the man she knows and loves—the President—is perceived quite the same way as she sees him in Washington.  On the contrary, he is a man who refuses to work in a bi-partisan fashion with Congress the way other presidents have. And when he doesn’t like someone you kind of get the message loud and clear.

This official White House photographs shows US President Barack Obama and his daughters, Malia (left) and Sasha watch Michelle Obama on television in the Treaty Room of the White House on Tuesday night

And them Michelle talked about working hard and becoming prosperous as she and Mr. Obama have over these last few years.  But we have to pause again for a second.  According to the Democrats the biggest failing and shortcoming of Mr. Romney’s is that he was prosperous, successful and managed to amass some wealth.  So what happens if you become successful? You place yourself in a position as being referred to by the president as one of those, “millionaires and billionaires who are not paying their fair share of taxes.”

So which one is it?  Work to become successful so that you can be vilified and told that, “You didn’t build that, someone did it for you.”

A lot of misdirection and questions.  


  1. Lets not forget what the democrats accomplished the first day at the convention.

    1. They took out the word “G-d” from all the speeches, it was confirmed by CNN, as you reported here.

    2. They declared that Jerusalem is NOT the capital of Israel.

    Yet we say pictures of Jewish people patronizing this platform.

    Never Again is just a slogan these days, hopefully it wont bite us in the *** soon.

  2. Why are we surprised that Obama chooses to ignore “a law passed by Congress that the US recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.” Obama also chooses to ignore Congress entirely when he bypasses our system to declare his mandates, rather than going through the channels of getting Congressional approval!

  3. I seriously take issue with your comments.
    a) Fathers and grandfathers who are not mentioned generally have abandoned their children or are not role models.
    b) No one ever said it was a crime to be rich, not even Tevya. The problem with Romney is HOW he gets his wealth the lack of paying it back to help others; and storing it away offshore to avoid paying taxes that would help others.
    Why are you not honest?

  4. Romney’s money was made legally. If money is in offshore accounts it is being done legally and properly. Tax loopholes are created by financial experts to be utilized.

    Barrack Obama’s father also abandoned him but his existence is still acknowledged and recognized. I just would like to know— where is Mr. Castro?


  5. Why are we surprised about contradictions ,this is what we have had for 4 years and will probably have 4 more. All the people who voted for him & supported him 4 yrs ago will most likely do the same in 8 weeks again.He refuses to work with Congress on a bi partisan basis because he feels a tremendous sense of his entitlement to run the show his way. IF YOU VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN DON”T COMPLAIN!!! This is the time for the American People to stand up for what we want & need.

    • Well Said, its mind boggling. And on a more serious level, to think that there are Jewish people that still drink the cool-aid is frustrating and embarrassing.

      What does he have to say for those blind people to realize that he was brought up in the house Jeremiah Wright and other Muslim leaders, but since he is a democrat, he never had to respond to this.

      Actually, since he is a democrat, he was never challenged on it


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