The Union of Jewish Communities submitted a petition to the Polish Constitutional Tribunal on the 30th August clarifying the legal status of Schechita in Poland, following the recent Parliamentary decision not to support the rights of religious communities to practice ritual slaughters.

The Minister for Administration and Digitalisation Michał Boni had helped prepare the petition to the Constitutional Court after meeting with the Chief Rabbi of Poland, Rabbi Rabbi Schudrich, Chairman of the Union of Jewish Religious Congregations, Piotr Kadlcik, and, Mufti of the Republic of Poland, Tomasz Miśkiewicz.

Chief Rabbi Schudrich of Poland, commenting on the submission of the appeal, said;

“We of the Jewish community have full confidence that the Constitutional Tribunal will uphold our constitutional religious rights. We are also very grateful to the Minister, who has played an active role in advising our community.


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