Project Hug - Group Organizers

The batmitzvah fundraising campaign of Naomi Wiener of Woodmere has generated a significant measure of excitement since it has been featured in these pages. People have a tough time coming to grips with the ability of a pre-teen girl to dream so big. But as hard as it is to envision, this project has taken flight this week, with the first stage of the forthcoming bake sale held at HALB.

Naomi’s class of about 50, along with tens of other participants, gathered Wednesday for a lesson in cake-decorating by master pastry designer Gitti Allman. In addition, the girls were addressed by the CEO of Bnai Zion Medical Center, Jack Grunspan, who conveyed to them the pressing need for the construction of an underground facility given the political tenuousness in the north of Israel and how many lives the proposed initiative could ultimately be responsible for saving in the event of an attack.

Mr. Steven Savitzky, former president and chairman of the board of the Orthodox Union–who is also Naomi Wiener’s grandfather–was on hand to address the crowd, offering words of encouragement for the planned fundraising events, which will iy’H be covered in the pages of the 5TJT. v


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