RAMAPO – A proposal to annex 6.87 acres of privately owned town land to the village of New Square received scant support today during a public hearing that drew about two dozen residents.

The annexation, which requires the full support of the town and village boards, would enable land that is now zoned for single-family residences to be developed into multifamily dwellings.

Applicants want to accommodate the growing numbers of families who desire to live together in the insular, densely populated Hasidic village.

From left, village of New Square trustees Abraham Kohl and Jacob Unger and Deputy Mayor Israel Spitzer attend a meeting at Ramapo Town Hall Oct. 17, 2012. The village of New Square and town of Ramapo held the joint public hearing on a petition to annex 6.87 acres of unincorporated town land to the village. The village wants the land under its own zoning law to allow the building of multifamily homes. ( Peter Carr / The Journal News )


Joel Scheinert, a lawyer who represents applicant Favish Langsam of Monsey and the four land owners – En Dee Realty Corp., the Congregation Zemach David of New Square, Ateres Yosef Inc. and Bush Extension LLC – said the annex would enable ramshackle properties and an unnamed road that’s long been in disrepair to be improved. Ramapo police have expressed concern about activity in the area, he said.

“The only way that this property can be utilized to the benefit for both the village of New Square and the town of Ramapo and the East Ramapo school district is to allow this annexation so that housing can be built for people who definitely want to live in this area and now have no place to go,” Scheinert said.

No one who is not associated with the village would want to live in the area, he added.

The property consists of six parcels along Route 45, south of its intersection with New Hempstead Road and adjacent to the village border. Four parcels are currently occupied by tenants with no relationship to the village, according to Langsam’s application.

It was unclear what would become of the current residents if the annexation took place.

Joining the property to the village would allow multifamily buildings with up to four apartments in each to be built under its current zoning. No details on size or scope of a potential development were provided in the annexation application or at the hearing.

Several residents who spoke at the hearing before New Square and Ramapo officials at Town Hall questioned the impact a potential development could have on traffic and public safety resources, sewer and water infrastructure, and the fast-growing, financially struggling East Ramapo school district, which the property lies within.

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