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Great Neck, NY – Pursuant to the press release below, we will now be taking our protest to the front of the Great Neck Record offices on Sunday April 28 at 10:00 am. The community is sickened by the steady pattern of lies and false reporting to suit the Great Neck Record’s one-sided editorial agenda. We will be out in force to protest Wendy Kreitzman’s corrupt stewardship of the newspaper. Concerned residents of Great Neck and neighboring areas will hold a press conference at the site.
Great Neck Record of Lies”

Great Neck, NY — On Sunday, April 14, 2013, Chabad of Great Neck hosted a jam-packed event featuring well know blogger, author and investigative journalist Pamela Geller, and the father of Greg Buckley Jr., a marine who was murdered in an insider attack in Afghanistan. Most media outlets, such as Long Island Jewish World, Great Neck News and others accurately reported the “overflow crowds for Geller’s talk.” However, a news story written by Wendy Kreitzman for the Great Neck Record, published by Anton Community Newspapers, deliberately misrepresented the attendance and overall tenor of the event, calling it “low key” “underwhelming” and with “no crowds”, replete with photos of nearly vacant areas.

“Basically no crowds at Chabad of Great Neck” — as stated in Great Neck Record
Geller is all too familiar with common media hostility, but she was infuriated, as we were, by the audacity of Kreitzman’s blatantly false report, saying that the newspaper “severely misrepresents the facts when it claims that there were ‘basically no crowds at Chabad’ when I spoke there last Sunday.” According to Geller, “the hall where I spoke was filled to capacity, with people standing in the aisles; another room off the main hall was also filled, and the speech was also broadcast on a jumbotron for an overflow crowd outside.”
“..the day of the speech was low key and without demonstrations” — as stated in Great Neck Record
Phil Orenstein, who helped organize the security team, took an informal head count. He said, “There were over 200 people packed inside Chabad House. There were 300 chairs delivered outside which were all filled. I counted over 100 people standing, doing security, and holding flags and signs. That makes over 600 attendees as accurate a count as we can get.”
Irene Alter, who was involved with parking people’s cars directly, said, “I had been told that day that over 300 cars were directed to be parked- 200 on the premises and over 100 off. You do the math. Since most people do not come alone in their cars to these events and we witnessed others coming with 3 or 4, it is a no brainer to know how many people must have been there.  Seems to me Ms. Kreitzman should be renaming her paper – The Great Neck Record of Lies.”
“It was an underwhelming public relations event” — as stated in Great Neck Record
We and Ms. Geller were also distressed by the blatant bias of Kreitzman’s piece. Pamela Geller said, “The article also allows space for the SPLC, the ADL and Rabbi Jerome Davidson to repeat their defamatory characterizations of my work, while including nary a word of what I actually said in my speech. As to their charges, it is a testimony to the low state of the public discourse today.” She went on to say that her work “defending the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law is dismissed as “hateful,” without right of explanation or rebuttal. And Rabbi Davidson is not being honest; he said on the air it was ‘his mission to continue challenging Geller’s visit to Great Neck and together with the Muslim community called for Rabbi Polakoff to cancel the event originally planned for Great Neck Synagogue.”
The irony is that Geller’s critics like Rabbi Davidson, consistently make up false accusations about her, and then attack her for “hate speech” based upon those false accusations. For instance in a WPIX interview, Rabbi Davidson deceitfully charged that “she put posters in the subways comparing Muslims to animals.” Geller refuted that claim saying, “I have never called anyone an animal. He may be referring to my ads that said, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.” This isn’t, as is commonly claimed, calling ALL Muslims savages. Do all Muslims support jihad terror attacks against Israeli civilians? I was calling jihadis savage, and they are. Jihad is evil. The rabbi’s sanction of jihad by his silence is evil.”
But in her news story, Kreitzman devotes ample column space to Rabbi Davidson’s cunning attacks on Geller, quoting him saying, “Geller has a long track record of hateful and virulently anti-Muslim views…”
Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, fuming at Kreitzman’s false attendance reporting said: “This is agenda-based journalistic fraud and now we have proven it. 600 people were present. How dare you falsely report to our community? Your photographer purposefully photographed non-seating areas and security zones. You think we’re stupid?”
Wiesenfeld cites the Great Neck Record for a long history of misinformation and propagandizing, saying “under Kreitzman’s leadership, this paper has been one-sided with an aversion to allowing retort, for instance, to egregious actions by Jerome Davidson. Who can forget his outrageous “There’s room for everyone in America” piece which Kreitzman published gratis for HER rabbi, in the wake of 9/11, when we called him on inviting people to his synagogue from a mosque whose leadership accused “Israel and the CIA” of responsibility for 9/11?”
Wiesenfeld called on community residents to cancel their subscriptions to Great Neck Record and instead rely on the Great Neck News, saying, “I have my differences with Karen Rubin and the Great Neck News. However in a free society all of us must expect various newspaper editorial policies will differ from our own opinion. But, no media outlet has the right to engage in deliberate false reporting. False reporting is the province of totalitarian societies. Remember Pravda? All recipients of this message are asked to bring copies to your favorite merchant because only damage to revenue will put a stop to this falsehood.”
“You are entitled to your own opinions; you are not entitled to your own facts.”
— Daniel Patrick Moynihan
*Photos thanks to Atlas Shrugs.com


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