PSEG Long Island reminds customers that financial assistance and energy assessment tools are available throughout the year. The company offers several programs to assess energy usage and provide financial help for customers who qualify.

“All PSEG Long Island customers can save money by taking advantage of the money and energy-saving programs and incentives we offer,” said Rick Walden, PSEG Long Island’s vice president of customer operations. “For our customers who need a little extra help to pay their bills, we have customer advocates available to assist with cost-saving options.”

PSEG Long Island’s programs for financially eligible customers include the Residential Energy Affordability Partnership (REAP) and the Household Assistance Program. REAP helps customers who meet certain income guidelines lower their energy costs by finding household energy-saving opportunities.

A REAP technician will visit the home to conduct a free home energy assessment. The assessment considers heating and cooling equipment efficiency, air infiltration and ventilation, carbon monoxide levels and/or moisture problems, insulation levels, air leaks, drafts, heating and hot water system efficiency. The technician will also discuss ways to reduce energy consumption, such as using LED light bulbs, and possibly install energy-saving measures, such as replacing inefficient appliances with ENERGY STAR® models, at no cost to the customer.

The Household Assistance Program provides a credit on electric bills for customers who receive benefits from a federally funded program such as HEAP, Medicaid, SNAP, TA, SSI, or SNA. Customers may be eligible to receive $20 or more as a credit on their energy bills each month.

Additional PSEG Long Island programs that help all customers save money include:
Home Energy Analyzer. A do-it-yourself online tool that uses a simulation model to validate how energy is used in the home.

My Energy Profile. An online suite of easy-to-use tools that can help a customer understand energy usage and how to conserve it. With this tool, customers can track energy efficiency efforts over time and see comparisons to similar homes in the area.

Home Comfort. Formerly called Cool Homes, this program offers rebates on certain cooling technology such as central air conditioning and ductless air conditioner units.
Energy Efficiency Rebates. PSEG Long Island offers rebates on several products, including LED light bulbs, advanced power strips, and major appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, and heat pump water heaters.

South Fork Peak Savers. Offers free smart thermostats and other energy efficient upgrades for customers who live east of the Shinnecock Canal on the South Fork, where demand to the grid is high in summer months.

Additional cost-savings. For customers using renewable energy such as Community Distributed Generation CDG (shared renewable energy).

Along with the programs offered directly by PSEG Long Island, there are additional financial aid programs available for income-eligible customers:
Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). A federally funded program that assists financially constrained New Yorkers with the cost of heating their homes in the winter months. Qualifications for HEAP benefits are based on household income, household size, and primary heating source. Customers facing heat or heat-related energy emergencies may also qualify for emergency benefits. Registration for HEAP begins in early November.
In addition to heating assistance, HEAP offers several other ways to help customers facing financial challenges:
Cooling Assistance. This benefit is available for the purchase and installation of one air conditioner or fan if someone in the household has a medical condition.
Heating Equipment Repair and Replace. Homeowners who qualify would be eligible to have a furnace, boiler, or other direct heating equipment necessary to keep the home’s primary heating source working repaired or replaced.
Clean & Tune. Eligible homeowners can receive energy efficiency services, which includes the cleaning of primary heating equipment, chimney cleaning, minor repairs, and installation of carbon monoxide detectors or programmable thermostats.

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