Dr. David Simai speaking for Puah
Dr. David Simai speaking for Puah

Under the creative leadership of Mr. Chanan Averbuch and the collaboration of Mr. Richie Grossman and Elie Mishaan, the Five Towns Jewish community hosted an inaugural reception in honor of Puah Institute and its unparalleled achievements on Sunday, January 6, at Congregation Aish Kodesh.

Over 100 young people braved the cold and participated in an evening of discovery, tribute, and prizes featuring Dr. David Simai, MD, a prominent community pediatrician, and Rabbi Elchanan Lewis, one of Puah’s rabbinic scholars and counselors.

Following an informative address by Dr. Simai, who described the importance of watchful supervision of infants and the responsibility of guarding the mortality of innocent babies who may be endangered even by irresponsible medical professionals, the participants were introduced to Puah Institute’s “95% Solution.”

Articulately sharing his expertise, Rabbi Elchanan Lewis demonstrated that the anguish of infertility can be addressed by concerned communal leaders and rabbis. Primarily, “The 95% Solution” relies on the cooperation of family and friends who are willing to help couples find the proper response to their painful challenges of infertility. Based on Puah’s current research findings, solutions to infertility are available even to those who adhere to Jewish ethical standards and observe taharat hamishpachah. According to Rabbi Lewis, “Unfortunately, one in six couples confronts the challenge of infertility. However, only 5% need to resort to the extreme IVF solutions, while the rest can be helped through simpler, non-invasive methods.”

Puah Institute is the foremost address in the search for fertility solutions, with 22 years of experience in facilitating the birth of 1,500 babies annually. The institute constantly promotes “The 95% Solution” and invests all its resources to emphasize the importance of making individuals and couples aware of other fertility options.

Following Rabbi Lewis’ presentation, a lively discussion ensued with many inquiries about follow-up consultations and referrals, as well as issues pertaining to halachic infertility, fertility preservation, genetic planning, and shalom bayit. Interest was also piqued about future events in support of Puah’s important projects and achievements. Participants had an opportunity to network with Lea Davidson, Puah’s executive director, and to develop collaborative relationships and a support system.

The evening program was enhanced by the delicious buffet dinner of sushi, spare ribs, and fresh fruit platters, generously donated by Brach’s Caterers, as well as by an exciting raffle generously sponsored by community merchants Emporio, The Jeweler’s Wife, Judaica Plus, and Breezy’s Housewares.

The fun evening, hosted by Chanan and Shirra Averbuch, Rubin and Stacy Bendelstein, Yitzy and Yael Brach, Meir and Orly Brown, Dan and Maya Cohen, Andrew and Emily Fuchs, Aaron and Michal Gorin, Richie Grossman, and Elie Mishaan, generated hope and anticipation for upcoming community-based Puah events on behalf of families suffering the challenges of infertility. For further information, visit www.puahonline.org or call 718-336-0603. v


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