Puah Institute, the foremost organization providing fertility-related support services to women and men who desire to build a family, participated in the 2013 Rebbetzins Conference, sponsored by the Center for the Jewish Future of Yeshiva University. Contributing to the formal program at this year’s conference in Teaneck, NJ, Puah Institute’s scholar and counselor, Rabbi Elchanan Lewis, presented an innovative lecture entitled “The 95% Solution.” Articulately sharing his expertise, Rabbi Lewis demonstrated that the anguish of infertility can be addressed by better informed and concerned communal leaders and clergy.

Primarily, “The 95% Solution” relies on counseling by a caring and compassionate “village” willing to help individuals and couples find the proper response to their painful challenges of infertility. Based on Puah’s current research findings, the solution is available even to those who adhere to Jewish ethical standards and observe traditional halachic precepts. According to Rabbi Lewis: “Although one in six couples confronts the challenge of infertility, only 5% need to resort to the extreme IVF solutions, while the rest can be helped through simpler, non-invasive methods.”

Puah Institute is the foremost address in the search for fertility solutions, with 22 years of experience in facilitating the birth of 1,500 babies annually. The institute endeavors to promote this “95% Solution” and to emphasize the importance of making individuals and couples aware of other fertility options.

Addressing the assembled rebbetzins representing communities throughout the U.S., Rabbi Lewis provided the rabbis’ wives the opportunity to learn and discuss a wide range of fertility related topics including intimacy, fertility preservation, and treatment.

With comprehensive resource materials in hand, participants were also given the opportunity to network with Lea Davidson, Puah’s executive director, and to develop collaborative relationships and a support system. Puah Institute empowers community leaders, dialogues with medical professionals, and provides its guidance and counseling resources in fertility, genetics, obgyn, and prenatal guidance to the entire Jewish community. v


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