Shhhh! Can you hear it? Purim is coming! The children at Shulamith ECC are looking forward to every moment of this fun chag.

Sound plays an important role in the Purim holiday. We drown out the name of Haman Harashah with our loud raashanim, and we are careful not to make a sound while the Megillah is being read. The sounds of joyous singing and dancing ring throughout the neighborhood the whole day as costumed children and adults deliver mishloach manot.

The children explored sound using the hands-on methodology that makes Shulamith ECC famous. They learned so much in every curriculum area. First, the children went on sound walks to think about the sounds in their environment. They used their hands and feet and mouths to create different sounds and then tried making sounds with various items around the classroom. They charted sounds they liked and sounds they didn’t like and compared the results. The children experimented with different loud and soft materials and graphed their findings. They even conducted trials to determine the number of objects needed to make the loudest sound. Shulamith’s young scientists used their findings to determine the best way to fill their one of a kind raashanim.

So if you see a Shulamith ECC child shaking her raashan with a big smile on her face, think about all of the learning that went into her creation. Chag Purim Sameach to one and all! 

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